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August 2023

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A Note from Rosy (KJ7RYV)

Rosy Schechter (KJ7RYV) headshotHowdy, ARDC community!

Hope everyone is having a great summer…despite wildfires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Events like these really bring to the forefront the importance of emergency communications, including amateur radio. Sending gratitude to all of those on the frontlines supporting the thousands of people impacted by these disasters. Gratitude also to the ARRL for their ongoing commitment to emergency services through amateur radio.

Here at ARDC, we’ve been spreading the word about amateur radio this summer and working on building community both online and IRL. Like Rebecca writes about below, part of this work has involved traveling to a number of conferences in the US and abroad. We’ve also been working on building our network of grantees through

We do better together, so here’s to building strong, resilient local and global communities. We are going to need one another in the years to come.


Next Deadline for Grant and Scholarship Applications is October 1

A friendly reminder that the final deadline for submitting a grant application in 2023 is October 1. You can still submit an application after October 1, but it will not be reviewed until early 2024.

If you are submitting a proposal for a scholarship program, we evaluate these proposals during this last cycle, so be sure to submit these proposals by October 1 if you want to be considered in 2023!

To learn more about how to apply for a grant, go to

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Completed First Wave of Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) with Amateur Radio

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)Last year, with a grant from ARDC, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) launched Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) with Amateur Radio, a two-year project with the goal of engaging both BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ learners in both discovering the excitement of the amateur radio hobby and learning about the electromagnetic spectrum. The Wave 1 cohort has recently completed the Technician’s license course: not only did five members successfully pass the Technician License exam, three of them are continuing in the General license course to upgrade to their General Class license. Planning for the Wave 2 cohort is currently in progress.

For more information, check out our joint press release here.

What ARDC Has Been Up To

Rebecca Key (KO4KVG) and Jon Kemper (KA6NVY) ready to begin booth duty at Huntsville Hamfest 2023This month, ARDC Staff and Volunteers attended DEFCON 31 (Las Vegas, NV), Huntsville Hamfest (Huntsville, AL), and JARL Ham Fair (Tokyo, Japan).

Jon Kemper (KA6NVY) attended DEFCON 31. This event is a hacker convention with speakers, workshops, training and hacking competitions. It covers a broad range of subjects, including SDR packet sniffing and injection, IP network vulnerabilities, and even connected car hacking. One of the many specialization areas included Ham Radio Village (K0HRV), where ARDC provided information about grants and 44Net. We also saw our friend Dan Romanchick (KB6NU), an ARDC Alumni, administering amateur radio license exams, and Ian Redden (VA3IAN), who chairs the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Portal subcommittee.

In Huntsville, Jon gave a talk titled ARDC Grants and 44Net Technology for the Amateur Radio Community, and Rebecca (KO4KVG) participated in the Two Hearts, One Hobby forum. Dave Gingrich (K9DC), a member of our TAC, was also at the booth, where he brought a portable IRLP Node running on 44Net to show our visitors. We met several scholarship recipients and parents of scholarship recipients who dropped by to thank us. It was great hearing firsthand how ARDC has made such a positive impact on our grantees and how the funding made college possible for them.

Beyond the Hamfest, Rebecca met some of our grantees at SIGNALS: Museum of Information Explosion. There, she got a sneak peak tour, which included seeing the K4MIE ham shack, whose upgrades were funded by an ARDC grant. She also visited the Von Braun Astronomical Society (VBAS) planetarium, where one of our grantees gave a demo of using radio to detect meteors.

John Hays (K7VE), Chelsea Párraga (KF0FVJ), and Ria Jairam (N2RJ), with a group from the M17 Project, on booth duty at JARL Ham Fair 2023

That same weekend, John Hays (K7VE), Chelsea (KF0FVJ), and Ria (N2RJ) represented ARDC for our first appearance at JARL Ham Fair. It was a blast, and a real pleasure to meet the ham radio community – including potential grantees – from regions we’ve never connected with before, like Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

For more about what ARDC has been up to this year, check out this blog post.

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