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September 2023

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Quick Announcement: We're Shifting our Newsletter a Little

Rebecca Key KO4KVG headshotHey Everyone!

You might be expecting a note from one of us right about now, but we’re going to try something different this month. To get to know the team at ARDC a little better, we’ve added a new section called ‘ARDC Team Spotlight’. Click here to learn more about two of our awesome team members: Dewayne Hendricks (WA8DZP) (GAC) and Adam Lewis (KC7GDY) (TAC).


Upcoming Community Deadlines

Grant and Scholarship Applications for 2023: The deadline for submitting a grant application or a proposal for a scholarship program is October 1. Applications received after this date will be reviewed in February 2024, so get your applications in now!

Be on the Lookout for Volunteer Opportunities at ARDC: Recruitment Begins October 1

We have many opportunities for volunteering at ARDC!

In addition to our Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), we’ve added two new committees this year:

With multiple committees, there’s sure to be an option for anyone that’s interested in helping us fulfill our mission. Click the links above to learn more about the duties of each committee. On October 1, we will begin accepting applications / nominations for all committees, and applications are due on October 31, 2023. If you’re interested in leveraging your expertise and time to give back to the community, keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for a blog post with application instructions and time commitment information.

Also, please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

ARDC is on!

Groups.ioEver since ARDC started making grants, our grantees have shown interest in finding ways to connect with one another. This interest was confirmed at our first ever online Grantee Gathering back in April of this year when 80 – yes 80! – of our grantees showed up.

Meanwhile, we’d been learning from some surveys that many folks in our community use and LOVE IT. We’ve been playing with the forum service since Sept. 2021, and after the meeting back in April, more than half of the participants joined. Since then, has built up to over 500 members – and counting!

If you’re part of the ARDC community – a grantee, a 44Net member, a volunteer – we invite you to join our discussions!


What ARDC Has Been Up To

Jon Kemper (KA6NVY) in the exhibitor hall at GNU Radio Conference 2023This month, Jon Kemper (KA6NVY), Technical Director, attended the ARDC-sponsored GNU Radio Conference 2023 in Tempe, AZ. Jon had the opportunity to interact with our community at our booth and also learn about the many benefits of the GNU Radio project through the talks and workshops, all of which focused on specific tools, technology and use cases for both RF and digital signal processing. It was great seeing the impact of a successful open source project that advances radio communication while helping people to learn signal processing constructs. We look forward to attending and/or participating in future GNU Radio events!

ARDC Team Spotlight

Welcome to ARDC’s new Team Spotlight, where you can get to know some of the amazing volunteers who contribute their time and expertise at ARDC. This month, we’re highlighting GAC member Dewayne Hendricks (WA8DZP) and TAC member Adam Lewis (KC7GDY).

Dewayne Hendricks (WA8DZP)

Dewayne Hendricks WA8DZP headshotDewayne has been on the GAC for three years, with his current term coming to a close at the end of this year. The work Dewayne is most proud of while serving on the GAC is his efforts in getting the Slippers2Sat Project: An Open-Source Amateur Satellite Project for Marginalized, Under-privileged and Low-caste Government School Students funded. Outside of volunteering at ARDC, Dewayne also contributes to the Mentor Project, which he has been a part of since its inception. Dewayne states “I had some great mentors during my career, and I try to give back as much as possible.” You can learn more about Dewayne in this 2002 article from WIRED Magazine, which describes his work in bringing wireless broadband networks to many countries throughout the world. “I’m very proud that I was a part of a team funded by NSF to get the Internet to Mongolia for the first time in 1996,” says Dewayne. In 2024, he looks forward to finding a new role with ARDC where he can continue to make contributions.

Adam Lewis (KC7GDY)

Adam Lewis KC7GDY headshotAdam has been on the TAC for three years, with his current term also coming to a close at the end of this year. During his time on the TAC, Adam initiated the Point-of-Presence (PoP) project, which he cites as the work he is the most proud of. Briefly, this endeavor includes the development of cutting-edge PoP software to automate the allocation of publicly routed 44Net IP addresses for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Adam says “I am truly thrilled by the potential impact and boundless opportunities that this project brings.” Outside of volunteering at ARDC, Adam enjoys participating in projects such as constructing intricate network infrastructures, designing and building houses, delving into robotics, experimenting with energy transmission via the use of Tesla coils, and pushing the boundaries of ham radio by extending relay capabilities for digital networks and analog communications. Adam also co-founded Amateur Radio Internet Exchange (ARIX), which provides opportunities for hams to explore and learn about border gateway protocol (BGP) routing. Adam tells us “It has been an absolute joy to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to the vision and future plans of ARDC, with the aim of enhancing the amateur radio community’s experiences”.

Thank you both for your contributions toward carrying out our mission at ARDC!

Come See Us at Pacificon!

Pacificon 2023

As the conference season comes to a close, you’ll be able to find ARDC at Pacificon 2023 – October 20-22, 2023, in San Ramon, CA.

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