Grants Evaluation Team

New committee in 2024!

The Grants Evaluation Team (GET) is a group of volunteers that reviews and advises the ARDC Board of Directors and the Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) on the results of funded grants. The aim of the GET is to make recommendations to inform future grant funding and identify useful information and resources to share back to the public. Volunteers will serve from January to June, with the possibility for a longer term should the GET determine that further evaluation work is needed.

The committee plans to meet once every two weeks for about an hour. In addition, committee members spend significant time reviewing grant reports and corresponding via email between meetings. Overall, we estimate that GET members will spend 2-5 hours/week on evaluation work.

To be eligible to serve on the GET, an amateur radio license OR a technical degree OR experience in digital communications is necessary. In addition, we strive to find people with a broad range of experience, including K-12 education, university academics, and research and development. We encourage current and former ARDC grantees and advisory committee volunteers to apply.

Volunteers who are located outside of the United States are also welcome to apply. Please note that a good command of the English language and flexibility accommodating a broad range of time zones is needed to participate effectively.

How to Apply

We will be accepting applications to join the GET in October of each year. Send your application, including a resume and brief cover letter to We’ll review all applications and make a decision by the end of November. Meetings begin mid-January.

To see the many grants that have been approved, go to

For more information about the roles and duties of the GET, you can read the Advisory Committee Policy in full here.

If you have questions, please email