Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a group of community volunteers that reviews and advises the ARDC staff and Board of Directors on aspects of 44Net technology and policies. In 2023, the TAC accomplished the following:

  • Developed a new 44Net point-of-presence architecture for connecting off-the-shelf routers to 44Net
  • Advised on updates to the 44Net Portal
  • Created an end user license agreement

For 2024, we are looking for interested ham radio enthusiasts with network knowledge to be part of the evolution of 44Net. Preferred experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred:

  • Everything Amateur Radio!
  • Router configuration, virtual machines, cybersecurity, IPv4/IPv6, DNS, BGP, etc.
  • Linux OS and programming skills such as Python, HTML 5, PHP
  • Technical writing
  • Beta testers
  • Wiki maintainers
  • 44Net community ambassadors

Volunteer service begins in January of each year and runs through December. Volunteers may serve up to three consecutive terms.

The TAC is divided into subcommittees that meet weekly or bi-weekly for about an hour. A group TAC meeting is hosted every other Friday for all TAC members. All participation is virtual.

We accept applications for potential new members during the month of October. Final selections are made before the end of the year.

To apply, please submit a resume and brief cover letter to explaining your interest and experience in the areas described above.

For more information about the roles and duties of the TAC, see the ARDC Advisory Committee Policy.

To see our current members, go to

If you have questions or have interest in joining the TAC, please email