44Net is shorthand for Internet network 44 (,, also known as AMPRNet. Since its allocation to amateur radio in the mid-1980s, the network has been used by amateur radio operators to conduct scientific research and to experiment with digital communications over radio. The goals are to of advance the state of the art of Amateur Radio networking, and to educate amateur radio operators in these techniques.

For information about 44Net, and how to get started using it, use the following links:

  • Wiki. For basic information about the AMPRNet and the ampr.org domain, services available on AMPRNet, and a quickstart guide for getting onto the AMPRNet, visit the wiki.
    Portal. To request IP addresses, or manage blocks that are currently assigned to you, use the portal.
  • Mailing List. To keep up-to-date on AMPRNet information please consider joining the 44Net mailing list.
  • Groups.io. ardc.groups.io includes AMPRNet-related subgroups for general AMPRNet discussion, creating and managing AMPRNet VPNs, and making contributions to the Wiki.