See below for grants awarded in 2024. For past years, visit:

Date Grantee Project Amount
April 2024 University of Scranton Amateur Radio as a Tool for Studying Equatorial Plasma Bubbles $30,954
April 2024 New England Sci-Tech (NEST) Attracting More Youth, SCOUTS, and Home School Communities to Amateur Radio $39,850
February 2024 The San Diego Repeater Association (WB6WLV) Radio Catalog: Ham Radio Software Preservation and Restoration $11,518
February 2024 The Freedom Preparatory Academy Engaging and Educating Indigenous Youth in Amateur Radio Through Hands-on Space Science Activities $43,000
February 2024 Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) Copyleft Advocacy, Compliance and Enforcement $150,000
February 2024 Cajun Advanced Picostaellite Experiment (CAPE) / The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Amateur Radio Club (ULARC) Improvements to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s CAPE and Amateur Club Radio Station (W5UL) $10,718
February 2024 The SETI Institute GNU Radio Hackathon at Hat Creek Radio Observatory $26,040
January 2024 Vereniging van Radio Zendamateurs (VRZA) HAMNET Expansion in The Netherlands €8,000 /
$8,700 US dollars
January 2024 University of Victoria Modular CubeSat Radio $558,761 CAD
January 2024 JARL Kyoto Club Paving the Way for Young People to the World of Amateur Radio $26,748
January 2024 Vereniging van Radio Zendamateurs (VZRA) National Repeaters System Upgrade €14,000
January 2024 West Bend Public Library Support and Growth of Amateur Radio Education $1,400
January 2024 East Tennessee Repeater Association (ETRA) Tri-County Repeater Upgrades $59,781
January 2024 Hornet Amateur Radio Club (HARC) Historic WWII US Navy Ship’s Antenna Restoration and Equipment Modernization to Support Expanded Operation of the Hornet Amateur Radio Club’s Ability to Promote Amateur Radio on the Air and Through Lessons Added to Existing Educational and Live-Aboard Programs at the USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum $90,000