Media Kit

The following language may be used by ARDC grantees in their communications regarding their grant from ARDC. All other language must be approved by ARDC. 

ARDC’S Mission

The mission of Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) is to support, promote, and enhance digital communication and broader communication science and technology, to promote Amateur Radio, scientific research, experimentation, education, development, open access, and innovation in information and communication technology.

About ARDC

Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) is a California-based foundation with roots in amateur radio and the technology of internet communication. The organization got its start by managing allocations of the AMPRnet address space, which is designated to licensed amateur radio operators worldwide. Additionally, ARDC makes grants to projects and organizations that follow amateur radio’s practice and tradition of technical experimentation in both amateur radio and digital communication science. Such experimentation has led to broad advances for the benefit of the general public – such as the mobile phone and wireless internet technology. ARDC envisions a world where all such technology is available through open source hardware and software, and where anyone has the ability to innovate upon it.

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Using the Logo

Grantees may use the ARDC logo in their communications. For example:

Made possible by a grant from:

Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC)

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Photo Release Form

The ARDC Photo Release form can be found here.

Please email for an SVG, which is used for print projects.