Joining the AMPRNet

Address requests

In order to become part of the AMPRNet network, you need an address on the network itself. You obtain one (or more) by requesting it through the automated address management portal system. To use the portal, you must first establish a secure login to it by picking a username (most hams use their callsigns) and secret password, supplying your callsign, email address, location, and a few other data, and using the menus to navigate to the list of address blocks appropriate to where you are located. You then select how much address space you think you will need and a few other parameters, and click the submit button. Your request is forwarded to a volunteer coordinator, who will examine it and, if all looks right, will set you up with one or more addresses. Otherwise, he or she will contact you to clarify any difficulties and get you back on the road. The portal is fairly intuitive and has built-in help, but you may click here for step-by-step instructions.