Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a group of community volunteers that reviews and advises the ARDC staff and Board of Directors on aspects of 44Net technology, architecture, and policy. For example, the TAC is working on a new 44Net portal, points of presence, and how to best integrate IPv6 with 44Net. In 2022, the TAC contributed to development of a Portal Requirements Specification, and a comprehensive community survey of 44Net use-cases and user experiences.

Volunteers commit to serve for at least a year, with terms beginning in January and running through December. Volunteers may serve for up to three consecutive years.

The TAC usually meets twice a month for about an hour. In addition, volunteers may also spend time working on or attending subcommittee meetings related to specific projects such as those mentioned above.

We accept applications for potential new members in Q3 and then interview the applicants in Q4. When reviewing applications, we look for:

  • Your experience with amateur radio and related projects,
  • Your experience with 44Net,  routers, and networks,
  • Additional experience you may have with electronics or software,
  • Your experience working with computers and servers , and
  • How you can contribute to the TAC.

We typically review TAC  applications and make a decision by year end. Meetings begin mid-January and run through mid-December.

For more information about the roles and duties of the TAC, see the ARDC Advisory Committee Policy.

To see our current members, go to

If you have questions or have interest in joining the TAC, please email