Grant: Foundation for Amateur Radio

The Foundation for Amateur Radio has long administered a growing set of college scholarships funded by radio clubs and individuals. For the 2019 year, it awarded a total of 54 scholarships worth $99,075.

Our grant will sponsor a set of ARDC WB6CYT memorial scholarships for the 2020 year. The only qualification for an ARDC award is that the applicant is a licensed radio amateur pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited university; there are no residence or field of study requirements. FAR may divide our grant as it chooses into any number of awards with any amount per award with a total of $200,000; the awards need not be of equal size. At FAR’s discretion, individual applicants may receive more than one award (i.e., a ARDC grant in addition to a non-ARDC grant). FAR will give priority to financial need in awarding ARDC scholarships.

Applications for the 2020 year are due at FAR by April 30, 2020. (Please apply through their website, not ARDC). –Phil Karn, KA9Q

Grantees for 2020-2021 School Year

Name Call Sign Scholarship Amount
Ruth Willet KM4LAO $27,000
Faith Hannah Lea KD3Z $25,000
Gary Pike KA4KBX $25,000
Skyler Fennell W0SKY $25,000
Allan Baum K2AJB $17,000
Jonathan Keiser AG5SY $17,000
Sarah Keiser AG5TJ $17,000
Valerie Lehmann KC3HPJ $15,000
Britney Cawrse W7BNC $5,000
Catherine Hong KC1MFU $5,000
Cristine Graham KE8KSN $5,000
Eryn Wagoner KE0WEY $5,000
Joseph Pepe-Phelps KL3JY $5,000
Julie Knappik KB1YTT $5,000
Kyle Lowery KC3EXP $5,000
Alexandra Houston-Ludlam KB3EZL $2,000
Catherine Deskur KD2IDD $2,000
Jacob Feltz K9TVG $2,000
Jesse Banister KD4ONN $2,000
Logan Lamar KJ7DDI $2,000
Trey Lodge KC3DAY $2,000
Virginia Smith NV5F $2,000
Zachary Martin KC3EWK $2,000