Grant: Yasme Foundation

The Yasme Foundation is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit grant-making foundation with goals overlapping those of ARDC. One special area of common interest is the general promotion of amateur radio by attracting newcomers to the hobby, especially in developing countries and among groups underrepresented in amateur radio, including young people, women, and minorities, and keeping them engaged.

Another common interest is to promote the advancement of the radio art within the amateur service by creating awards with cash prizes for specific, significant technical achievements; these possibilities are under discussion.

One difference between Yasme and ARDC is that Yasme is set up to make grants to individuals while ARDC is currently set up only to make grants to other 501(c)(3) entities — such as Yasme. Our grant to Yasme thus allows us to benefit from their experience and reach a wider range of recipients than we otherwise could at this early date in ARDC’s operation.

Yasme may disburse our grant along with its own funds over the current year. They will forward to us the reports they receive from their recipients on how their grants have been used. –Phil Karn, KA9Q