Grant: Allstarlink Radio over IP (ROIP) app enhancements, infrastructure improvement Phase 1

Grant Date: June 2021
Grant Amount: $12,000

This grant supports the first phase of a two-part project to enhance the existing Allstarlink app_rpt application to work with current operating systems and add support for additional platforms. Enhancements will be made to back end infrastructure to enable scalability and improve reliability.

In the early 2000’s, Jim Dixon WB6NIL (SK) saw an opportunity to implement an internet-linked Amateur Radio repeater controller system “the way I think a system should be” based on Asterisk. Leveraging his experience from involvement in the first practical application of Asterisk (open source voice over internet protocol (VOIP) Public Branch Exchange (PBX) software), Jim wrote the open source app_rpt application that utilizes asterisk to support the local connection to the amateur repeater hardware enabling linking of Amateur repeaters via the internet with a high quality audio path. For example, a 70cm repeater in San Diego could connect up to a 2 meter repeater in Hawaii either temporarily or permanently thereby extending the coverage of both repeaters. Multiple repeaters can be linked together using this technology.

Phase 1 work includes:

  • Discovery:
    • Review and document existing systems and applications (infrastructure and client).
  • Develop:
    • Detail requirements for enhancements and upgrades
    • Create Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Scope of work (SOW)
    • Detailed costs estimates for Phase 2 by sending out the RFP

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