Grant: Bringing Amateur Radio Back to the University of Southern Mississippi

Grant Date: September 2021
Amount: $8,098

The University of Southern Mississippi Amateur Radio Club (W5USM) has been dormant for at least 10 years.

Funding is needed to purchase and install a VHF or UHF repeater on a 10 story science building. The repeater will be a dedicated place for students to communicate with other hams and provide solid handheld coverage across campus, which does not presently exist. The USM Amateur Radio Club will become eligible for campus funding as a bona fide university student organization when its membership exceeds 10. This project will “kick-start” the club’s efforts to reach sustainability and achieve subsequent growth. The University is a R1, doctoral granting, research university with a diverse student body that has the opportunity to expose amateur radio broadly to underrepresented populations.

The repeater will be linked to other Allstar and Echolink nodes so students can develop rapport with a wide variety of amateurs. In the longer-term, the repeater and interest will lead to attendance at “linked” events among university clubs by organizing nets or permanent networks of repeaters to form a community of users.

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