Grant: Digital Mode and Long-Term Equipment Investments

Grant Date: May 2021
Amount: $8,287

The University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club is expanding it’s reach to new students and improving its infrastructure. This grant will provide five robust 2m FM stations to students on rotating loans so they can participate in the club’s weekly net, learn and practice digital modes, and become extremely fluent in voice communications.

They are also increasing the reliability and safety of their station by implementing lightning protection and an equipment refresh:

  • Satellite transceiver
    • Replace 30+ year old transceiver (FT-736R)
    • Refresh control computer
  • Install an effective lightning protection system
    • Lightning rod, grounding wire run over side of building, multiple ground rods
    • Polyphasers to protect equipment
  • Refresh >25 year old rotor systems

Learn more about the University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club here: