Grant: EdgeScope: A Fine-Grained 5G Wireless Telemetry Platform for Faster Wireless Networks

Grant date: October 2021
Amount: $91,687

With this grant, researchers at Princeton University will develop EdgeScope, a new approach to wireless network telemetry that harnesses the rich, highly granular information about a wireless network’s state. This information is available in the wireless physical layer with the design of end-to-end congestion control protocols, video conferencing, online gaming, and video streaming applications.

The system will use a National Instruments/Ettus USRP software-defined radio to monitor the physical and link layers of each mobile device. This information will enable the researchers to make detailed, accurate measurements of a network’s physical wireless capacity. An API will allow the system to communicate these capacity measurements to transport-layer protocols and/or application endpoints running on the mobile device, allowing them to maximize their performance using timely, granular information. Ultimately, the researchers hope that EdgeScope will help them redesign congestion-control protocols, and that this will lead to faster systems.