Grant: Hurricane Laura Recovery and New Trailer

Date: November 2021

Amount: $95,000

The Southwest Louisiana Amateur Repeater Club (SWLARC) is working to grow the amateur radio Community in SW Louisiana through education and awareness. In 2020, both Hurricanes Laura and Delta destroyed much of the amateur radio infrastructure in Southwest Louisiana. Many towers and equipment were lost. Currently, the club is down to one repeater, and that repeater is in need of major upgrades.

This grant will allow the club to upgrade five repeaters in the area. SWLARC will have to start from scratch on 3 of the repeater sites as new towers have been erected within the last few months (late 2021). Once the repeaters are upgraded, they will build a new emergency communications/education Trailer. One example of how this trailer will be used for education is the club’s work with local Boy Scout troops. SWLARC has been active in the Scouts’ Jamboree on the Air and is planning to help the Scouts earn merit badges that involve amateur radio.