Grant: Incorporating Constructivism and the Maker Mentality at California High School

Grant date: June 2021
Amount: $9,950

Teachers at California High School (CHS) in San Ramon, CA have been working on incorporating the “Maker Mentality” – learning through making and creating – and “Constructivism” – the theory that says learners construct knowledge rather than just passively take in information – into their culture. To support that work, ARDC awarded this grant to provide the tools and equipment necessary to turn the CHS computer lab into a fully functional Maker Space.

In particular, CHS will purchase Raspberry Pis, Micro:bits, Arduinos and other robotics/microcontrollers, as well as other similar tools. These devices allow the students to combine physical components (sensors, motors, electronics, etc.) with computer code in order to create their own inventions. Teachers will be able to incorporate these devices into daily curriculum so that more students are given the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning.

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