Grant: Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Grant Date: April 2021
Amount: $112,200.00

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF) is an educational organization that develops activities to inspire interest in mathematics through collaboration, exploration, and discovery. JRMF engages students and educators through festive events—both in person and online—and reaches underserved and underrepresented populations. All activities are available in English and in Spanish.

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF) has been awarded a grant to create easy-to-understand and accessible educational materials that enable kids to peer behind the curtain and understand the mathematical concepts underpinning the “magic” of mobile phones, Wifi, television, radio-control toys, ham radios, and other communication technology.

A full set of activity materials includes activity slides for students, a digital app, teaching materials, and activity-specific assessments.

Learn more about the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF), visit: