Grant: Make Operating Radio Easier (MORE)

Grant Date: April 25, 2021
Amount: $200,000

Make Operating Radio Easier (MORE) Project, led by IEEE Central Jersey Section, Broadcast Technology Chapter (IEEE PCJS BTC) aims to reduce both gender and age imbalances in ham radio, through education and hands-on activities. The intention is to provide mentoring, proactive intervention, and inclusivity to help expand Ham Radio’s outreach.

The ambitious goals of the 2-year MORE Project are:

  • to train and license 500 new U.S. Radio Amateurs, with 50% non-male and 60% between ages 12-18;
  • to encourage understanding of digital and analog aspects of radio communication through hands-on activities and explorations, including Software Defined Radio (SDR); and
  • to help these new Hams learn basic communications protocols by observing and participating in HF and VHF operations.

Each participant will have their testing and licensing fees paid for by the program. Those who successfully license will receive a hand-held 2 Meter (HT) radio and will be assisted in Getting On The Air to make radio contacts.