Grant: Portable Satellite Ground Station

Grant Date: May 2021
Amount: $5,288

OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society
The OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of amateur radio enthusiasts based in the Cincinnati Tri-State region of Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. For over 60 years, ON-KY-IN has been dedicated to serving the community and advancement of all things radio. Along with monthly meetings, OH-KY-IN ARS maintains four repeaters in the region, holds amateur licensing classes and testing sessions, monthly ARDF fox hunts, participates in contests, ARRL Field Day, Winter Field Day and special event stations.

Portable Satellite Ground Station
Over the past several years, club members have become interested in making contacts through amateur radio satellite repeaters. As a club, members practice mainly over field days as few members have the proper equipment and borrow from other amateurs. In 2019, a club member asked if the club could sponsor an ARISS School Contact at his daughter’s elementary school. The club sponsored the event, which was a complete success, but had to borrow equipment from the ARRL.

This grant supports OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society in acquiring the necessary equipment to assemble a high quality portable satellite ground station to accomplish the following goals:

  • Host ARISS School Contacts at local and regional schools
  • Demonstrate satellite communications at ARRL Field Day and Winter Field Day
  • Demonstrate satellite communications as part of STEAM outreach at local and regional schools
  • Demonstrate satellite communications by decoding weather satellite data and experimental satellite telemetry
  • Demonstrate EME – Earth-Moon-Earth communications

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