Grant: Undergraduate Scholarship Support and Inclusive Programming

Grant Date: October 2021
Amount: $150,000

Colorado School of Mines is a research university long known for its academic excellence in engineering and applied science, as well as its focused mission to enhance understanding of the earth, energy, and environment. Mines offers nearly 70 programs, plus minors, ranging multiple science, engineering, and related disciplines. This grant will support undergraduate scholarships and programming for four students who have interest in or are already pursuing Electrical Engineering degrees at Mines. Each student will receive a scholarship award of $32,500.

Inn addition to funding scholarships, the school will invest $20,000 to make their program more sustainable. The program aims to provide community engagement, professional development, and programming to this group of students to ensure they feel a sense of belonging to Mines, thereby increasing retention and improving the students’ chances for success. Each student will, for example, receive $1,000 in discretionary professional development funds. They may use this money to obtain an amateur radio license, pay for ARRL or IEEE membership, or attend a professional conference.

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