Grant: Amateur Radio Communications Trailer

Date: April 2022
Amount: $24,927

The Northeastern Indiana Amateur Radio Association (NIARA) is located in Dekalb County, Auburn, Indiana. From 2017 to 2021 they have had a stellar 337% increase in membership, now covering 30 zip codes. Club activities have increased to include Field Day, Special Event Station, and the Auburn Hamfest. The NIARA has nets every night of the week (one of which is an ARES net). The NIARA’s Tri-State Two Meter Amateur Net has the third largest net activity in the state of Indiana. Unfortunately the club has not been able to identify a permanent station location, so are proposing to outfit a mobile trailer.

The trailer will be outfitted with many forms of analog and digital communications equipment including a mobile analog/digital repeater, AREDN Mesh, computers loaded with FLDIGI, FLARQ, FLAMP, FLMSG, FLWRAP, N3FJP, WSJT and Winlink software. The trailer will be taken to schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, city and county fairs, car shows, field day, POTA, 100K run, and more to promote amateur radio. It will also be shared with the local ARES group for training and operating purposes.

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