Grant: Amateur Radio in Boy Scouts

Date: April 2022
Amount: $8,000

Radio Scouting, Inc., is the amateur radio station and club of the Boy Scouts of America, Central Florida Council. The youth learn about ARDF (direction finding using hidden wifi ammo cans on trails or in the woods), see samples of existing wireless technology in their everyday life, learn about the history of radio, and go on the air with a licensed ham using various mobile and HF rigs. The program already displays ham and radio technology for over 10,000 youth each year and leads the nation in participants for the international JOTA/ Jamboree-on-the-air event. To date over 20,000 scouts have learned the basics of Morse Code.

This grant will expand the organization’s educational potential by adding solar power education, and allow the scouts to obtain the Electricity Merit Badge as well as Radio Merit Badge. Approximately 6 KW of solar panels will be installed, along with cables, controllers, inverter and a 200Ah LFP Battery. This system will power the ham trailer without running a generator or using an outlet as it does now. The youth will learn how off-grid power systems work using the panels, charge controller, battery pack, and inverters.

Learn more at: www.RadioScouting.US/wb4sa