Grant: Continuation of Engineering Undergraduate Senior Project Support

Date: September 2022
Amount: $3,000

This grant is an extension of the grant awarded last year to the Case Amateur Radio Club (CARC), which supports undergraduate engineering and physics students’ senior projects and club activities. The first-year pilot program was very succesful; student groups worked on several projects, including coherent CW with GPS synchronization, WWV second-tick time-of-flight recording, and WWVH time-of-flight and received field strength recording. These projects are all part of the 2024 total solar eclipse research CARC is working on with HamSCI. This grant will support the continuation and expansion of these projects.

CARC is unusual among university radio clubs in providing engineering classroom support plus nonengineering courses as part of the university’s general education program. All senior projects have final presentation videos and documents which are part of the university’s Intersections program. They are all publicly available.

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