Grant: Develop a 3U Open Source CubeSat Space Frame With Deployable Solar Panels

Date: February 2022
Amount: $93,975

AMSAT is a worldwide group of amateur radio enthusiasts who share an active interest in building, launching, and communicating with each other through non-commercial amateur radio satellites. AMSAT has used predominantly volunteer labor and donated resources to design, construct, and, with the added assistance of international government and commercial agencies, has successfully launched more than 60 amateur radio satellites into Earth orbit. AMSAT’s next project is designing, building and operating a series of 3U CubeSats that will have highly elliptical orbits (HEOs). HEOS will give these satellites wider coverage and longer access times, making them more accessible to the worldwide amateur radio satellite community. In addition, AMSAT is now preparing to launch a youth initiative that will bring the world of satellite technology directly to youth, their parents and youth-oriented groups.

The grant will work to cover the cost of the design and construction of three space frames with fixed and deployable solar panels for an upcoming series of 3U satellites that will serve as the mechanical platform for a new generation of advanced satellites. Upon the successful completion of this activity, AMSAT will then proceed to the final development, construction and operation of a robust series of open source spacecraft that are capable of flying a variety of missions.

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