Grant: Efforts to Repair, Improve, Preserve and Advance Amateur Radio Activities

Date: May 2022

Amount: $5,026

The University of Michigan has a long history with both wired and wireless telegraphy. As early as 1858, the campus observatory sent telegraphic messages, using cipher codes, to observatories in New York, Alabama, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, South Carolina and Pennsylvania. The wireless station at the university was originally formed as a service to rapidly exchange communications between faculty on campus and scientific teams abroad. Today, the mission of the University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club (UMARC) is to make amateur radio resources available to both the campus and surrounding community and promote activities that educate and allow experimentation with radio signals.

This grant will allow UMARC to:

  1. Repair and improve the club’s 10-meter cross-band repeater.
  2. Install a 220 VAC outlet in their station.
  3. Scan and digitally archive the documents in The History of Telegraphy Project.
  4. Purchase equipment needed to assist students who participate in classwork offered in aerospace, communications and telemetry, including

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