Grant: Emergency Communications in Cibola County

Date: April 2022
Amount: $2,000

The Cibola County Amateur Radio Club of New Mexico (CCARC) is a volunteer service organization that promotes amateur radio within the community and assists the Cibola County Office of Emergency Management during emergencies and disasters should there be a failure of internet cell phone services. They are currently using mountain top 1200 baud FM packet nodes to send messages via RMS Winlink. A local GMRS repeater was recently installed at the main club radio site to give access to club member families that are not licensed amateur radio operators.

The grant, which is fiscally sponsored by the Cibola County Office of Emergency Management, will allow the club to upgrade of one mountain top node to a VARA FM Digi repeater, which would increase the speed to 4800 baud, and place an internet node at another location to provide redundant internet services. Additionally, the club will be able to purchase supporting equipment such as Trigertronics USB Signal Link units for club members that participate in the club’s emergency communications activities.

More information about the CCARC can be found at