Grant: Equipment for New England Division RFI Teams

Date: September 2022
Amount: $23,640

Radio frequency interference (RFI) increasingly threatens the effective use of our amateur radio frequencies. In order to protect this precious resource, the ARRL New England Division seeks to assist hams to identify and eliminate or mitigate RFI.

Since January of 2022, the New England Division has been organizing RFI teams in its ARRL sections and now has at least one, three-person team in every section. The teams assist hams find RFI sources and eliminate them or mitigate their effects. The teams, coupled with a series of on-line web pages, comprise a process to assist hams to find and correct RFI and get team help when needed.

A prototype set of tools has been obtained, evaluated and selected for use by the teams, and this grant will allow the Division to purchase more equipment to outfit the RFI teams. The equipment will be in the custody of and maintained by the team leads in each section, except for a few pieces of specialized, high-value equipment that will be shared among the teams as needed. The RFI teams are comprised of experienced hams who have been trained using a variety of web-based and in-person training.

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