Grant: Increasing Amateur Radio in Randolph County

Date: November 2022
Amount: $5000

The Randolph Amateur Radio Club, Inc. was organized in 1967 and aims to promote education in amateur radio and radio technologies through classes and license exams, public welfare through public service activities, advancing the art of amateur radio, intercommunication between entities around the world, and providing emergency communications during severe weather and other natural disasters.

This grant will fund STEM education and amateur radio licensing opportunities for local school teachers, staff, and students. The project will expose residents of Randolph County to amateur radio, increase availability of amateur radio classes, and foster the formation of STEM programs within local schools targeting amateur radio technologies. These classes will be conducted in each of the five school districts in Randolph County, with separate classes for teachers/staff and students. Classes will be limited to 10 attendees, though more classes can be planned after the initial wave. Randolph Amateur Radio Club members will provide the instruction in one of three formats: a 10-week class, 4-week class, or single weekend class, depending on each school district’s needs and availability.

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