Grant: Independent 5GHz Backbone IP Network for Public Amateur Radio Services in Finland

Date: May 2022
Amount: 99,915 €

The Espoo Radio Club, call sign OH2CH, serves the Finnish radio amateur community by providing open-to-all services. They build and maintain analog and digital repeaters, APRS digipeaters, and other RF-based and internet-based services for the area’s amateur radio community. They mainly serve the southwestern part of Finland, including the capital Helsinki. This is the most densely populated area of Finland, and therefore where most Finnish amateur radio operators are located.

This grant will allow the club to build a self-sufficient and independent 5-GHz backbone for amateur radio services. The network will connect all of the club’s analog and digital repeaters and provide user access for local AMPRnet services provided by the club and other clubs in Finland, as well as internet access. The network will also provide a wide area digital platform for experimentation.

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