Grant: Lehi Amateur Radio Club Eagle Mountain Project

Date: November 2022
Amount: $4,184

The Lehi Amateur Radio Club (LARC) is dedicated to providing reliable communications to citizens and public safety organizations in Utah County, Utah. It has built a network of four linked repeater systems that provide amateur radio communication over an approximate 2,144 square mile area. Serving a population of approximate 471,000. This system is open to all licensed amateur operators and supports numerous community, Emergency Radio Communication, public service events and activities.

Unfortunately, LARC is losing access to one of its repeater sites. LARC was able to move this repeater to a more suitable site 2.5 miles to the west on Eagle Mountain, and this ARDC grant enables LARC to link this repeater to the LARC repeater system permanently, including being able to provide Echo Link and Allstar network access. The project will include:

  • Preparing the Eagle Mtn site by leveling, compacting and graveling the area.
  • Removing the antenna system from the old site.
  • Move the building to the Eagle Mountain location.
  • Erect the tower and start running coax, electrical and network cabling.
  • Re-install the antenna systems and repeater and link radios.

The majority of work will be completed through contributions of time and machine hours of generous contractors and many other radio amateurs.