Grant: Lehi Amateur Radio Club Repeater Upgrade

Date: May 2022
Amount: $9,664

The Lehi Amateur Radio Club (LARC) has been providing amateur radio repeater services for over 30 years to the citizens of Utah County. It has built a network of four linked repeater systems that provide amateur radio communication over an approximate 2,144 square mile area and serves a population of approximate 471,000 people. This system is open to all licensed amateur operators and supports numerous community, Emergency Radio Communication, public service events and activities. LARC also provides technical support, equipment and information to other repeater systems, clubs and individuals. LARC has an open membership and does not collect dues from its users. It is currently supported by volunteer contributions.

This grant will enable LARC to:

  • Upgrade the aging battery backup systems at the Lehi and Woodland Hills site.
  • Upgrade the equipment racking (installation) at the Woodland Hills site.
  • Install power monitoring devices at the Woodland Hills site.
  • Expand the AREDN system using Ubiquity equipment to the Woodland Hills, Saratoga Springs and Redwood Road sites.
  • Install an outdoor surveillance camera at the Saratoga Springs and Redwood Rd. sites.
  • Purchase a spare repeater, controller and duplexers for the LARC system.
  • Upgrade the 1 kW inverter at the Saratoga Springs site to a 2 kW inverter.
  • Add the Allstar linking system to the Saratoga Springs site.