Grant: Salem Amateur Radio Club Repeater Upgrade & HAMcamp course

Date: May 2022

Amount: $22,000

The Salem Amateur Radio Club (SARC) of Oregon has been active in the community since 1952 promoting interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation, fostering education in electronic communication as it applies to amateur radio, pursuing a program of community service, and providing a means of social interaction for radio amateurs.

This grant will allow SARC to replace its current repeater system with new, reliable Yeasu System Fusion DR-2X repeaters and to link both the 2 meter and 70 cm repeaters. In addition, SARC will purchase radio equipment that they will use in their license classes and post-license training course. Their post-license training course, called HAMcamp, will focus on how to get started in amateur radio. It is scheduled to commence in early fall 2022.

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