Grant: SDR-Powered Education

Date: November 2022
Amount: $32,059

TOBB ETU is a non-profit university of almost 7,000 students located in Ankara, Turkey. Its Telecommunications Research Laboratory is working to establish a regional Software-Defined Radio (SDR) center for radio science research to ignite curiosity and inspiration. TOBB ETU is among the first universities in Turkey using SDR in undergraduate level for teaching communication systems, and the lab is striving to be a model for other universities that plan to take a similar approach. In addition to university students, the courses will be accessible by outreach programs such as the Mustafa Akgül Free Software and Linux Camp.

This grant will allow TOBB ETU to enhance their current undergraduate course ELE361L and to offer a new course for advanced undergraduate/graduate level. Purchases will include additional RTL-SDRs and accesories like antennas, computers and peripherals to increase the availability of equipment required for experimentation.

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