Grant: Upgrade of Amateur Radio Station at the Arizona Science Center

Date: May 2022
Amount: $12,602

The Center for Amateur Radio Learning (CARL) is dedicated to promoting amateur radio to the public in the state of Arizona. CARL is run by volunteers who operate and maintain the amateur radio station, W7ASC, also known as “Harkins Ham Shack,” at the Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix. In a typical year, more than 100,000 students visit the Arizona Science Center.

With this grant, CARL will improve the visitor and student experience by purchasing and installing a modern HF radio with a panadapter display. A dynamic, visual presentation of the frequency bands and radio signals will visitors better understand these phenomena and a better understanding of how important communication technology is in today’s world. A Geochron world map display will allow visitors to see in real time conditions on earth as well as current amateur radio contacts in progress. This display will operate even when the station is closed, exposing visitors to amateur radio whenever the museum is open, not just when operators are present. Additionally, CARL will purchase and install a VHF/UHF satellite transceiver and antenna to permit more reliable satellite operations and provide the opportunity to host an ISS contact for local students. The satellite capability will also allow CARL to work with the “satellite development makers space” that is near the Arizona Science Center.

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