Grant: West Virginia University Amateur Radio Club (WVUARC)

Date: November 2022
Amount: $14,988

The WVU Amateur Radio Club (WVUARC) is focused on providing students with an environment in which they can learn about RF communications. The club emphasizes project-based learning and encourages members to lead by example.

The club operates several repeater stations that provide local communications for hams in Monongalia County and the surrounding areas, inlcuding a digipeater which allows for the communication of location, weather, and other data in the Morgantown area and beyond. The digipeater currently serves an average of 40 unique users a month who use this data for tracking. The club also owns a communications trailer with a mobile repeater which is used for emergency and public service communications activities.

Club activities and outreach require funding that West Virginia University cannot fully cover. This grant will support the purchase and installation of new equipment so the club can focus on improvements rather than repairs. The three main objectives are:

  • Upgrade and repair the WVUARC ham shack.
  • Upgrade and repair the EMCOMM trailer.
  • Expand community outreach programs

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