Grant: YOTA camp in Croatia

Date: October 2022
Amount: $56,763

The Croatian Amateur Radio Association (CARA), a member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and a non-profit organization, hosted the 10th YOTA Summer Camp. They received a grant from Croatia’s Ministry of Technical Culture in 2020, but unfortunately, the pandemic,the breakout of war nearby, and inflation caused the cancellation of the camp in 2021 and left the program short of funding.

This grant allowed CARA to host the camp in 2022. 95 applications were received from youngsters 15-25) from the following countries: Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tunisia, Italy, USA, Bulgaria, Cyprus, El Salvador, Czech Rep., Germany, Ethiopia, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Austria, France, UK, Seychelles, South Africa, Finland, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, and Croatia. Programming included antenna and electronic kit building, HF, VHF/ UHF, SAT on-air operating, CW training, ARG, programming, a look at microwave comms and two presentations. There were also have day-trips for IOTA, SOTA & POTA, and COTA activities to encourage the youngsters to enjoy the hobby outdoors. The IARU YOTA’s Train The Trainer (TTT) program also took part to ensure that the lessons learned by attendees are passed on to their local youths/clubs upon returning home.

CARA sees the YOTA Summer Camp as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things with local community involvement. Learn more about YOTA Croatia 2022 at