Grant: Amateur Radio Satellite Ground Station for Teaching, Research, and University Ham Club Use

Date: February 2023
Amount: $30,000

Carleton University is a research-based institution for secondary education in Ottawa, ON. The University’s Faculty of Engineering & Design have been working to re-establish the University’s Amateur Radio club and have also been working with a local amateur radio group to help revive an interest in STEM and amateur radio with the youth in the community.

The up-and-coming club has found a partner in Youth on the Air (YOTA), a program focused on youth amateur radio operators, with the goal of developing valuable skill sets and also fostering friendships within the hobby. This grant will fund Carleton University to partner with YOTA to host the first YOTA Camp outside of the United States. The camp will provide opportunities for youth in their local area to explore science and technology via extracurricular activities involving amateur radio, such as geocaching and fox hunting.

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