Grant: ARDC Scholarship at The ARRL Foundation

Date: November 2023
Amount: $1,522,500

The ARRL Foundation advances the science, art, and societal benefits of amateur radio, with the end goal of supporting the amateur radio community. Funded by contributions from friends and radio amateurs, the Foundation offers amateur radio-based programs; awards grants to groups working on amateur radio projects; and awards scholarships for students seeking higher education. In 2020, the ARDC Scholarship at the ARRL Foundation was established, which has allowed recipients to pursue higher education, leveraging their technical skill set learned from amateur radio while learning other skills that will advance their professional growth. To date, 98 recipients have been awarded this scholarship.

This grant will provide further funding for the ARDC Scholarship Program, which will include disbursements of approximately $500,000 per year for three consecutive years, beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year. This award will offer finance support to nearly 200 students on the order of $5000 – $25,000, to pursue their educational goals.

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