Grant: ARRL Club Grants Program

Date: November 2023
Amount: $592,322

The ARRL Foundation advances the science, art, and societal benefits of amateur radio, with the end goal of supporting the amateur radio community. Funded by contributions from friends and radio amateurs, the Foundation offers amateur radio-based programs; awards scholarships for students seeking higher education; and awards grants to groups working on amateur radio projects. Clubs, in particular, are crucial to the long-term growth and sustainability of amateur radio. In 2022, the ARRL Club Grants program was introduced with initial funding from ARDC: a total of 45 Club Grant proposals were funded, a total distribution of $502,512.34. Nonetheless, a continuing need and desire for project funding for supporting amateur radio clubs remains.

This grant will provide continued funding for the ARRL Club Grants Program, which will continue in the Spring of 2024. Through this award, amateur radio clubs, no matter their size, can secure funding to support programs, such as STEM/STEAM learning and educational outreach; club and/or remote station improvement; and Get On The Air (GOTA) and ham skills development programs, among many others. These grants will not only allow for a club’s growth, but they will also result in awarded clubs making significant strides in advancing amateur radio in their local communities.

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