Grant: Boston Amateur Radio Club (BARC) & Artisans Asylum (A2) Collaboration for a Successful Urban Ham Radio Capability – “The Urban Ham Blueprint”

Date: January 2023
Amount: $19,300.64

The Boston Amateur Radio Club (BARC) is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated group with a mission of educating, mentoring, and promoting the amateur radio community in urban Boston. Currently, their only means of achieving their mission is through attending monthly meetings or organizing group Parks on the Air (POTA) outings. While these meetups have merit, they allow little opportunity for providing club members the appropriate hands-on skill set for digital operations and successful POTA activations.

Artisans Asylum (A2) is a group in Boston that strives to foster a collaborative environment for makers who have the desire to teach, learn, and grow. This grant will provide funding to allow BARC to collaborate with A2 to develop and implement basic, cost-effective hands-on courses on topics such as electronics, building digital transceiver kits, and portable operations in city parks. These courses will provide a positive atmosphere to enjoy the amateur radio hobby, focusing namely on POTA, while also cultivating an environment that is welcoming to newcomers.

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