Grant: Bringing Amateur Radio to 4-H Youth

Date: February 2023
Amount: $5,237

4-H is the largest youth development organization in the U.S. and has diversified beyond its farming roots to include STEM projects. The 56 Ranchers 4-H Club in Escondido, CA, like all local 4-H clubs, is a positive youth development organization. Their slogan is “learn by doing” and their motto is “to make the best better”. 4-H in California is organized through the University of California, and has always been science-based, with an emphasis on public service, leadership development, and public speaking skills.

This project will make amateur radio an integral part of the 4-H program in Escondido, CA. Project leaders will guide participants from diverse backgrounds through detailed engineering discussions and hands-on activities. The program will introduce many topics covered in the Technician Class question pool, and there will be opportunities to attend dedicated exam study sessions at the end of the year.

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