Grant: Creating the Bellaire High School Amateur Radio Club

Date: June 2023
Amount: $1,623

The Bellaire High School Amateur Radio Club aims to introduce the amateur radio hobby to a diverse group of students, allowing for the exploration of concepts in physics and electrical engineering, all to provide students with interesting ways to explore STEM. Through this approach, they hope to pave the way for club members to learn about amateur radio and use the practical experience gained to pursue and interact with individuals in related fields, such as engineering.

This grant will provide funding to create an environment where club members can prepare for and pass their licensing exams and gain hands-on exposure to amateur radio. Specifically, they will take a STEM-based approach toward amateur radio education, starting the year with lessons on the electromagnetic spectrum and the physics behind electromagnetic waves and concluding the year with activities such as building filters and amplifiers or developing a project to build a club repeater. As a result of gaining this practical knowledge and experience, club members will be better equipped to network with individuals in engineering and possibly pursue a career in the field.

Learn more at Bellaire High School Amateur Radio Club.