Grant: Digital Expansion and System Resilience

Date: March 2023
Amount: $152,250

The CalNet Amateur Radio Group maintains a ’40-years-young’ multi-site linked repeater system that covers a significant portion of the state of California. Their mission is to increase access for all amateur radio enthusiasts, no matter where their interests lie within the hobby. Aligning with this mission, CalNet is seeking to reinforce its system and to expand it to serve more operators. To do this, it is essential to obtain rugged equipment that can withstand utility power challenges, as well as provide training for its members. Much of the current setup includes 1980s-90s-era radios, with minimal to no support and is thus in need of an upgrade.

This grant will provide funding for updating their legacy technology RF platforms with more resilient, up-to-date technologies; installing digital technologies into highly populated/spectrum-challenged areas; and creating and hosting workshops for those with an interest in planning, implementing, and maintaining repeater systems.

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