Grant: Engineering Undergraduate Senior Project Support by ARDC and Case Amateur Radio Club

Date: May 2023
Amount: $3,000

The Case Amateur Radio Club (CARC) is one of the oldest chartered clubs at Case Western University. It is both a competitive and recreational organization within the Department of Electrical Engineering that supports the campus community by performing laboratory demonstrations for Homecoming; collaborating with the campus police during their biannual Safety Fair and ARRL Field Day; and organizing many amateur radio activities within the community, such as equipment building, contests, foxhunts, and volunteer examinations for licenses. Interested senior club members can take on amateur radio-based senior projects. However, as the University does not provide funding for supplies or equipment, making a radio-based project is financially inaccessible for some students.

This grant will provide funding for amateur radio-based project work such that can make this type of senior project a reality. Exposure to this type of hands-on experience on an amateur radio project can be important factor in students developing into highly-skilled engineers.

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