Grant: Establishing Infrastructure for Undergraduate Involvement in Amateur Radio

Date: July 2023
Amount: $73,920

The California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) Amateur Radio Interest Group (KN6ZYB) is a club that aims to provide straightforward access to radio expertise, high quality facilities, and opportunities for impactful and creative use of amateur radio for all students, alumni, and employees of the university. Being the only student-focused radio club in Ventura County, their goal is to attract a new generation of amateur radio operators to diversify the community. Currently, their radio room is only minimally functional, and due to location (foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains), the campus is not well-connected by radio to Ventura County.

This grant will provide funding to build a solid club foundation that will allow students to explore the plethora of opportunities that amateur radio has to offer. This begins with upgrading their radio room for full functionality and establishing a repeater site that will provide a consistent and reliable connection to the region. They will also be focusing on outreach: specifically, they will ensure that amateur radio is ‘seen’ on campus via offering exam prep classes, regular Get on the Air (GOTA) sessions, and utilizing the Division of Student Affairs to help promote the club on social media. Finally, they will work to incorporate amateur radio in academic programs that are research-based and promote the club to other student clubs that would have an interest in amateur radio, such as the Conservation Robotics and Engineering Club and Outdoor Adventures, among many others.

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