Grant: Establishment of Analog/Digital Networking Using Amateur Radio Between Schools and Colleges

Date: October 2023
Amount: $30,000

The Vasavi College of Engineering, founded in 1981 by the Vasavi Academy of Education, constitutes a vast tradition of excellence in education that is technology-based. During its 40+ years of existence, the College of Engineering has become a center for engineering education, building partnerships within the industry and is continually evolving its programs to keep current.

This project aims to establish three radio clubs within the schools and colleges throughout their community: one will be at the school level, and the other two will be at the collegiate level. The goal of these clubs is to build upon the students’ educational experiences by introducing them to the amateur radio hobby, all in an effort to provide hands-on opportunities to apply their conceptual knowledge while exploring radio communication. As a result, these radio clubs and stations will provide a method for both students and people in the community to share knowledge, experiences, and resources through the subject area of amateur radio communications.

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