Grant: Haiti Emergency Communication Network

Date: June 2023
Amount: $42,411

The Haiti International Friendship Amateur Radio Club (HIFARC) is a group whose mission is to provide direct assistance to amateur radio operators in Haiti and to support their active engagement in amateur radio. They provide financial and technical assistance to organizations and projects, as well as provide emergency communications to the island, with the financial support of grants. Within the last 15 years, Haiti has been hit by multiple earthquakes and a CAT 5 hurricane; these natural disasters have resulted in loss of life and cellular towers being destroyed. Additionally, people have been driven from their homes out of fear for their safety. All of the above leaves a need for the island to have a system where its citizens can effectively and reliably communicate and receive real-time news.

This grant will provide funding for HIFARC to collaborate with Radio Club d’Haiti to build and deploy an integrated emergency communication network. To ensure that every part of Haiti is covered, it will be set up for both VHF and HF use. This will not only provide a means for communication in times of natural disasters and when up-to-date news is needed, it will also serve as a way to inspire more Haitians to get involved with amateur radio.

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