Grant: KK6UC Club Modernization and Public Service Infrastructure Project

Date: November 2023
Amount: $7,546

The Amateur Radio Club at UC San Diego (KK6UC), established in 1965, serves as a home for UCSD students that are either amateur radio operators or those who would like to become licensed. The club engages in outreach to the local youth, introducing them to research at the University that involves both wireless technology and software-defined radio. Unfortunately, in the recent years, the club has experienced stagnation, and thus there is a need for a revitalization effort to gain new members. Their most recent efforts to do this include installing a UHF FM repeater as a means for the campus community to interact with each other, to gain experience operating equipment, and to support local emergency communications. As part of the installation project, the club has sought and received hardware donations. They are currently evaluating its coverage.

This grant will provide funding for the club to upgrade their repeater by adding a battery backup; lightening protection; an upgraded controller that will allow linking to other college repeaters; and other infrastructure improvements that will enhance the repeater’s utility to users both on campus and throughout the community. Funding will also go towards creating a UHF Winlink gateway providing campus users and ARES an improved gateway coverage area throughout the community. As a result of this funding, club members will not only gain technical skills, but they will also receive valuable leadership and project management experience through opportunities to lead various portions of the project.

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