Grant: Modernize the W9MID Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Date: June 2023
Amount: $10,750

The Mid-State Amateur Radio Club (MARC, W9MID), one of the largest and most active organizations in central Indiana, is a nonprofit that promotes amateur radio and provides resources to all hams, no matter their experience level. MARC has embarked on the “Modernize the W9MID Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Project” to update the EOC’s aging equipment, to add capabilities for both Winlink and to their APRS node, and to increase the range of their repeater system.

This grant will provide funding to carry out the modernization of the EOC. Specifically, MARC will install and setup a Yaesu-991A and associated laptop, to be tested regularly using Winlink email over HF and VARA FM email over FM. Also, they will replace their single band radios with dual band radios. All of the aforementioned radios will be utilized for nets, routing field tests, and the annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET). Lastly, they will install a new dual-band antenna and add an amplifier, which will significantly increase their ability to participate in severe weather-related activities and exercises, affording protection to more people in their area of coverage.

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